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    Ecstasy Abuse

    A popular known synthetic drug, ecstasy is a psychoactive drug that is also known as MDMA. It has stimulant properties, which are similar to the hallucinogen and amphetamine.

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    Ecstasy Dangers

    The number of ecstasy dangers are more than prominent, with the current rate of ecstasy-related death being seven for every million users every year.

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    Ecstasy Addiction

    Ecstasy, X, E or the medical term MDMA are the many different names for this illegal hallucinogenic drug. A person who ingests ecstasy may experience an overwhelming burst of energy, distorted perception and enhanced gratification from heightened sensory experiences.

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    Ecstasy Effects

    If you’re a family member or even a close friend of someone who’s going out to music festivals, clubs, or similar events regularly, you’d be prudent enough to recognize the symptoms and signs of ecstasy use and addiction.

Ecstasy Abuse

When It Stops Feeling Good

Ecstasy has many names, but the most common are E, Adam, X, Beans, and the Hug Drug. The scientific name is methylene-dioxy-methamphetamine or MDMA. It works on neurotransmitters in the brain, causing euphoric states and mild hallucinations along with feelings of intimacy, love, increased energy and reduced anxiety. It isn't as addictive as many other club drugs, but there is a high chance for dependency or addiction with repeated and prolonged use. It is usually taken in pill form, but can also be snorted, injected, or used in suppository form. Although popular in the club scene, Ecstasy has become a popular drug of choice for other users.

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Ecstasy Dangers

According to reports from The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), over 11-million people aged 12 or older have admitted to using Ecstasy at least once. Of these, over 43% met the diagnostic criteria for dependence, meaning they continued using the drug knowing it could possibly be dangerous. Another study shows that 34% of Ecstasy users meet the criteria for drug abuse, and three in five users report experiencing withdrawal symptoms after using Ecstasy.

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