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Teens Using Ecstasy:  What Parents Need to Know

Many parents today have heard about teens using Ecstasy, but would they know if their own teen was one of them?  Anyone with teenage children should educate themselves about the warning signs of Ecstasy and other club drugs to prevent their child from serious health consequences from this dangerous drug. Additionally, parents should know what …

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Legal Consequences of Abusing Ecstasy and Carrying Ecstasy

Surprisingly, Ecstasy was once a legal substance.  However, it is now illegal to use, carry, or sell this drug.  When a person is caught using, selling, or even possessing a small amount for personal use, the punishment can be stiff. Ecstasy is a derivative of MDMA (methylene dioxy methamphetamine) that produces hallucinogenic effects.  Usually found …

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Mixing Ecstasy with Alcohol or Other Drugs

Ecstasy is a dangerous drug on its own, but many users are always mixing ecstasy with alcohol or other drugs. Ecstasy produces a grand feeling of euphoria and awareness of one’s surroundings and the environment. It also gives the user a sense of empathy and arousal. Users think that by mixing ecstasy with alcohol, their euphoria …

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Consequences of Being Addicted to Ecstasy

Most young adults have trouble believing there are any dangers associated with being addicted to Ecstasy (MDMA).  Their primary concern is having a good time.  Also, many of them feel that they can stop using Ecstasy whenever they want.  Unfortunately, this mindset is what contributed to hundreds of Ecstasy-related deaths over the years. With that …

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Long and Short-Term Effects of Ecstasy Abuse

In the party culture of today’s younger scene, ecstasy abuse is not uncommon.  Unfortunately, this innocently named drug carries some nasty side effects when used for prolonged periods.  For the most part, young people consider ecstasy safe to use because so many people are doing it.  However, they are making a decision based on limited …

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