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Ecstasy Dangers

The number of ecstasy dangers are more than prominent, with the current rate of ecstasy-related death being seven for every million users every year. One out of every million users die in the United States, which is lower than in other parts of the world like the United Kingdom. This is likely due to the fact that users in America tend to prefer outdoor or warehouse parties rather than heated nightclubs.

Ecstasy Dangers: Overheating

This is the most common reason that ecstasy users die while high on the drug. With the drug inside the body, the body cannot regulate its own body temperature. It is also not possible to display or recognize the warning signs. While it does remove the discomfort of hyperthermia, it allows the body to continue overheating without finding any kind of relief. This is especially dangerous when dancing for long periods of time inside of a heated nightclub.

To provide an example of how serious this can become, the body can start to hit the extreme temperature of 107 degrees, which is a very severe heatstroke that causes many problems to occur that cannot be treated medically. Some of these problems include kidney failure, liver failure, unstoppable bleeding and death. Most heatstroke deaths occur in those who have not yet learned how they personally react to the drug and are too inexperienced to understand when there is danger.

Drinking alcohol can also hinder one’s ability to understand body temperature, so drinking when taking ecstasy makes it even easier to suffer overheating.

Ecstasy Dangers: Drinking Too Much Water

Those interested in taking ecstasy but are aware of the overheating issue may try to preemptively combat this effect by drinking a significant amount of water. This leads to the user suffering from hyponatremia or “water poisoning.”

When someone drinks far too much water than one should, it completely disturbs the balance of sodium within the body, which causes the organs to swell unnaturally. While the rest of the organs might be able to survive the swelling, this is something that is especially dangerous for the brain, which does not have any room to expand within the skull. This causes it to become compressed, which puts pressure on the brain stem, responsible for the breathing and heart functions. Pressuring the brain stem can lead to coma and death.


Ecstasy creates a good feeling in the user, but it can often lead to a more dangerous level that causes erratic, manic behavior. During a drug-induced manic episode, individuals can feel racing thoughts that make them feel like they are on top of the world. This is where the nickname of “love drug” comes from as the user feels a major love for just about anything and anyone.

People experiencing this kind of state of emotions begins to crave being the center of attention, even going as far as to perform bizarre tasks just to get more and more attention. He will continue to escalate his behavior, often to rather dangerous heights.

As a result of the mania, it is also not uncommon to experience hallucinations when on ecstasy. This does not always lead to a pleasant feeling, either. Because the user is high, he may not be able to comprehend exactly what he is seeing. To the user, the hallucinations are definitely real, and he may either try to embrace them or run from them. Running from intrusive images can lead to the individual accidentally injuring himself or others.

Other Ecstasy Dangers

Another one of the many ecstasy dangers that a user can face is taking too high a dosage, which can have its own serious set of problems following it. Some people experience a floating sensation, which disrupts his natural coordination and can lead to an increased risk of falling, regardless of whether or not they have also been drinking any alcohol. Naturally, consuming any kind of alcohol while high on ecstasy will also greatly increase the odds of experiencing a mishap.

Some ecstasy users may also experience a sickness to their stomachs. While the nausea is more of a discomfort than anything, vomiting after drinking and taking the drug can turn into a deadly affair if the afflicted individual starts to aspirate the contents. Beyond that, severe vomiting can cause damage to the stomach or the esophagus lining. Bleeding can also occur due to this damage, which becomes a more serious problem as well.

Though it is considered to be the “love drug” due to the pleasant emotions it brings, not all users experience dreamy emotions while on ecstasy. In the case of taking high dosages, users can bypass the dreamy phase and instead feel something as if he were high on amphetamines. This could create a sense of paranoia as well as anxiety or fear. The user would then become irritable or suspicious about anything rational.

More severe cases of taking a high level of ecstasy, there is the risk of experiencing a psychotic episode rather than a dreamy, manic episode. This causes the user to detach from reality, experiencing hallucinations and experiencing delusions that can create a dangerous situation. It is possible to experience severe sleep deprivation as well when on ecstasy, which is another way for the drug to trigger psychosis.


Among all the ecstasy dangers that come from ingesting too much of the drug, there is the risk of overdose. Some signs of a user potentially overdosing on the drug include an increased heartbeat, high blood pressure and an increase in body temperature. The person experiencing an overdose also has the potential to begin seeing hallucinations. Due to the side effects, an overdose is very dangerous when someone has problems with the lung or heart already.

Overdosing on ecstasy can also lead to bleeding in the brain as well as kidney failure. If you notice a user is having difficulty breathing, is no longer responding or seems to be suffering from dehydration, then it is necessary to make an emergency phone call.